Yamaha Jet Pod Pro + RDS250 Seascooter Family Pack

Yamaha Jet Pod Pro + RDS250 Seascooter Family Pack

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What’s Included in This Bundle?

1 x Yamaha Jet Pod Pro
1 x Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter

Yamaha Jet Pod Pro - the first of its kind in both form and function, a compact yet powerful single motor Seascooter with foldable features at a reasonable price. It is a perfect companion for a water enthusiast's travel needs. The easy-to-operate design caters to all ages and activities, from deep water reefs to backyard swimming pools. Learn More

Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter – it delivers a perfect balance of run time and speed. Rated to a depth of 100ft (30m) the RDS250 will cruise at speeds up to 2.5mph (4km/h). Combine that with a run time up to 2 hours and the RDS250 is perfect vehicle for back to back dive days.
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